Friday, October 21, 2016

You can be their friend without being their best friend.

I have been told by some people it is never a good thing to be friends with your kids. Now I do agree with statement to an extent. I think in today's world we need to be friendly with them. Maybe not their best friend, but with some of the things these kids go through today, you need to be one of the people they can rely on.

Think about our childhood and what society was like then, compared to today. It is a completely different world. Now if you have a child who isn't going out with friends and experiencing this harsh world via Social Media, then I don't think your judgement is the same. If your child sits at home all weekend with no friends, then you may need to push them out the door a little to experience the hard cold world before you pass a little judgement onto others. 

We have seen it all through the kids that have grown up in this house. You name it, we have probably dealt with it. From depression, suicide attempts, heartbreak to bad grades on a test. Heck, we even had the ultimate Social Media War at one time go through like a tornado. 

But you know what, I was there every step of the way for my kid. So we survived it all.  They have always been able to come to me, tell me what is going on and ask for my advice. Which I completely appreciate. I never could tell my parents what I was going through or dealing with. I faced some crappy things in my day and I had to bottle that shit up. It made me a bitter person sometimes. I don't want that for my kids. I want them to go out into this world, be a great humanitarian and know they can survive anything because I have their back if they need it. 

I don't jump into every battle for them, but if I know a situation is wrong and something is just simply not right, then I will step in and push my kid out of the way to be the General Patton they need. Because making kids fight every battle on their own doesn't seem to be working anymore. Look around, have you watched the news? This world is crazy. 

It's okay to sit on the sidelines and be your kids cheerleader if that is what you wish. Its okay to be their coach. I prefer to be more of the defensive and offensive line. Because everyone parents differently. It is okay to be your kids friend that they can turn to when they need someone, especially before it gets too dark for them in this world. Just don't be their best friend. 

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