Thursday, July 23, 2015

Final Countdown for School to Begin!

There is nothing like the first day of school! Maybe not so much for the kids, but for the stay at home mom. The one who gets to finally have a few hours of peace. To maybe catch up on the chores or watch her favorite TV show without commotion.

I long for it. I am counting down the days for it. Does that make me a bad mom? I kind of feel a little bad. I love the boys. But those few moments of peace are everything!

During Summer Break, I cant even go to the store without text messages and phone calls of "Where are you at?", "Can you bring food home?", "Do you know where such and such is?" It is mind blowing that I cant go to the store some days without the peace.

But then you look at the fact that there are only a few days left and you have yet to get the eye exam you wanted to. Or dental appointment and cleaning scheduled. That the eight weeks of Summer Break went by and you took care of none of those things. So the mad rush begins. Look for School Clothes, Shoes, School Supplies, Backpack. Schedule last minute appointments. Then in a instant it is gone. You are left with a 7am drop-off at school.

The moment you waited for all Summer.......

Sunday, July 19, 2015

There is no I in TEAM

Ever wonder why it is that some men have to protest the chores that they have done? Fine example, when hubby does things he likes to point them out.

"See i cooked Breakfast and Dinner, canned pickles..."

With a slight look of disgust, I have to decide if it is a pissing contest or if I even bother pointing out all of the things I did in the days time. But does doing the laundry, dishes, feeding and walking dogs, picking garden vegetables, and so on and so on, even count? Are those expected "Mom Duties"?

I think not!

Should the duties all fall on one person or does team work make a family a better dynamic? I think to an extent it should be teamwork. How can i be left to be sane and not feel like a maid of sorts, if I am the only one who sees the trash overflowing? Even when two kids just threw trash into the said overflowing trash can.

No it should be a team....

We are a family. If i am busy with other chores, why can one not cook dinner for the rest of us? Why can others not change over a load of laundry? Or take the trash out?

This could potentially be all of my own fault. I spent years being a control freak and not allowing the boys to do some chores, simply because it would not have been done to my standards. But as time goes on and I get tired in my older age, I regret not having them do those things. Even if they have to do it a few times to get it done right.

Now one prepares to go into the adult world and I am left to worry he wont know how to clean a dryer vent.

A Mad Soccer Mom

So here I stand in the kitchen, trying to enjoy just a few sips of coffee before the morning rush begins. Taking in that deep breath. Hearing footsteps upstairs and praying the teenage hormonal mood swings are at a low today. Let me tell you a little about myself first.

This is the Diary of one Mad Soccer Mom. I am not angry, by any means. But I may be going a little crazy from raising teenage boys. With just one child left in school now and hitting that dreaded 40 year old mark, life has seemed more hectic than ever. Between Soccer, getting the kids where they need to be, running a blog for local couponing, raising backyard chickens, having our house get hit by a random tornado. Lets just say it has been one crazy year!

I still have my 19 year old son at home. He just graduated high school and he does have a good paying job. So I really shouldn't complain too much there. But he eats like crazy! Or has the "I worked today, you take the trash out", those are the days my nose sneers up and I huff and puff. I think I raised a pig somedays when I look in his room. So I guess there are some complaints and some things that make me a Mad Woman. He thinks me doing all the household chores and running my other blog are not real jobs and do not count for dibs on who worked hard enough to take the trash out.

My youngest is the one that keeps me on the go though. Running through crazy Circle City traffic. Fighting the slow and fast and rude drivers on a daily basis. I admit this has given me quite the amount of some angry cussing and maybe a little road rage. Well, maybe a lot of road rage on some days. He plays soccer for his high school and running the 18 minute drive (10 on a good day with no speeding tickets) back and forth to the high school or the 30 minute rides up to the opposite side of town for training keeps me a Mad Soccer Mom.

Let me tell you a little backstory on this kid though. He is 15 years old and 6'4. That wouldn't be a problem if he had meat on his bones. Kid is skinny and tall. Period! Finding clothes and shoes are my daily struggle for him. Keeping food in the house to fill his hollow legs he apparently has is another struggle. But dealing with the 15year old mood swings, oh my! That is the real Mad Woman struggle. You don't want to whack your kid, but wow do I have to pray a lot, bite my tongue and some days just walk away and hope he makes it through puberty.

He has juvenile arthritis and when he is in pain, he is spiteful. I baby him, I admit it. He is simply a miracle child that deals with a lot. Me being a mom with Lupus can understand how angry he gets when people don't think he is sick by looking at him. I know the pain and I know how hard it can be somedays from my own personal experience. So yes, I baby him! Maybe too much. But that is for another discussion.

Now the husband, well I am not going to get into that one right now. He is a good man and has taken great care of us. Been there for me through my weakest points of Lupus and stood by my side when I had a stroke at 23 years old. I do love that man, but yes as most women I want to slap him somedays too.

Life gets hectic and sometimes you just have to laugh, cry or vent. So here is my Diary of a Mad Soccer Mom to do all of those things. Some days knowing you aren't the only crazy one is what gets you through the day!