Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It is the simple principles of coaching that you hope for, but never happen

 I swear that soccer will be the death of me. Why? Simply because there is too much drama. Especially on the high school soccer level. Not with the kids. With coaches. Plain and simple. We have already had our fair share and the season has barely begun.

Maybe I come from another time. Maybe I expect different things. It is always possible that I over expect from people. But there should be certain ways that things are done. In anything to be honest. When you are a peer in high school, you are guiding children into what life should be like as an adult. Not to say that adults don't have drama, lord knows we do. But if someone gives three years of their time then you should know simple things (ie: their phone numbers) You should know how to contact them, not to have to drag another player into something that they have no business in, just to tell the said player what you need to tell them. But once again, you have to believe that peers actually will invest their time in these kids and not just become buddy buddy with the few that kiss their ass.

Yes, I may be a bit pissy, but I know in my heart that I teach my kids to not kiss ass. If you look back in history, ass kissers don't really get far in life. Be who you are, tell people what you think, and always follow your heart. Those are the principles I taught my kid. These said principles rub some people the wrong way, and I get that. I know I can be a tough pill to swallow myself.

But I believe a Coach should be there to teach, guide and show a child the way......