Saturday, March 12, 2016

a lot has changed but we keep moving forward

With Spring Soccer season starting and Indoor Season ending, we have been very busy. Soccer ID Camps coming up and the time to start looking at possible colleges are soon to be. Our Giant is now well over 6'5 and playing more than keeper. He has been fielding Defender and Striker positions, with a few goals under his belt. As much as he thinks he is the next Peter Crouch to take over the soccer world, I wonder what is to come in the Fall when High School Soccer begins and he is back to Goalkeeper.

Over winter break he was diagnosed with a new disorder and started Humira recently and it has helped him immensely. I am pissed and heartbroked all at the same time. Pissed that he got my crappy Arthritic genes and a giantism disorder. Sad that he will take medicine for most of his life like I do. But I will always teach him that nothing stops you, but yourself. I have been dying for 13 years. According to doctors I was supposed to be dead a few times already. But I brushed that crap off and moved on. It's what we do. Move Forward.

I have to remind myself to keep moving forward. A lot has changed in our lives the past few months. I guess I was to sad and stressed out to write. But I know that this is my outlet. My story. I have to be able to tell it. We are not a perfect family by any means. Probably less than the average American family. More drama than most, and a lot of it I cannot even say yet. But hell, who doesn't have drama. I mean honestly. What family doesn't have a kid that is good and a kid that you pull your hair out over. Right? I know my mother used to introduce me as the one that gave her the grey hair. I now understand what she meant more than ever.

But my diary, my story, my life.  That is what this will be........