Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Endless Loads of Love

It would be a weekend, sleep in and enjoy some TV. Right? That's what most would think.
But do Moms get a day off?

This Mom sure doesn't. I spend most of the weekend catching up on a pile of laundry, only to have the boys clean their rooms and just as I see a glimpse of the bottom of the laundry basket. They fill it back up with laundry they "forgot" to put in the basket for the week. So then it's another couple of hours slaving and washing, drying, pre-treating, soaking, folding and handing over the pile of clean clothes, you hope will be put away where they belong. Only to see the next morning they are not in the drawers or hung up, but in a pile on the floor.

There is the one child that seems to keep every towel in the house in his room after he showers. You search endlessly through the clean pile of clothes for a towel to finally get a shower for yourself, and pretend you are on some beach far away from the madness of screaming kids. No towel to be found. You sigh, and take a deep breath. Walk in to said childs room and find a pile of musty towels in the corner. Mutter under your breath a few cuss words and throw them into the pile of dirty clothes. Wondering to yourself if you could possibly dry off with a washcloth, just so you yourself could get a shower and have some form of towel to dry off.

I can spend the week while they are at work and school doing a load a day, scrubbing toilets, doing the dishes, gathering the trash, cooking dinners, packing lunches, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming. Where does the paycheck come in? There is no paycheck. Mom's get the little peck on the cheek once in a great while to say Thanks.
You know they appreciate all you do. 

But what will this Mom do, go buy some towels and hide them under her bathroom sink. So she can dry off and enjoy a shower. That will be her pay for the hard work of the week.