Saturday, September 19, 2015

Let's Go is simply not an option.....

As a mom, I want to protect my son at all times. But you want to let your child grow up and deal with situations on their own. Learn those valuable lessons that will teach them about the toughness of being an adult. Well sometimes when you are an angry Soccer Mom, you just want to grab your kid off the field and say "Lets Go"

I spent the past two years being so angry at a Coach for his inconsistencies, horrible coaching skills and pompous attitude. It literally became an unhealthy situation for myself. I sit here watching all of these movies and see Coach's that inspire, that lead kids through tough games and tell them to never give up. Even when faced with the possibility of losing 10-0. But I am faced with the Coach that sits down and watchs the game unravel and the children give up on the field.

You do your best to cheer them on as a parent in the stands and tell them "Stay On It", "Defend", "Move Up away from the box". Because you hate to see the kids give up on themselves and do what they can to get the next 35minutes of game time to go by as quickly. But then there is that moment that Coach stands up and yells as loud as he can to "DO Not move up!"  Sadness, Madness, Anger builds in side of me and I think to myself that now is the time to grab my kid and say "Let's Go!"
You see the looks on the other parents faces and the opposing teams parents faces and you are in disbelief. Why would you tell a child to basically give up and let the other team keep scoring on you.  So angry you get up and you leave the stands, saying "I'm out!" With the other parents trying to calm you down before you do grab your kid and leave for good.

I think to myself about the multiple times my kid was told he would be the one starting. Only to have it yanked come game time. I think of the times that my kid was ridiculed for going to private training or College ID Camps. As if it was a waste of time. I think of the many times my kid got in the car after practice so angry that he wanted to quit Soccer all together.  Then I think to myself - No Wonder we have a horrible ranking and record.  There is no Inspiration to be better, no reason to give 100% on the field or think about possibly playing a sport one day in College.
So you have that long talk on the way home about not giving up on your dreams, not worrying about what was told to you. The whole time your blood boiling down deep, because you just want to go scream and yell at the person that is making your child feel that way. But you have to let your child work through it and learn from it. You have to let them make the decision to quit or stay.

Being a parent is the hardest thing I ever had to. But being a Soccer Mom is the second hardest thing I ever had to do. I will spend the next two years doing all that I can to keep my son from giving up on his dreams. I guess that is all I can do. Since walking across the field and grabbing my kid to tell him "Let's Go" is simply not an option.