Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Unlike the mold society wants your kid to be

When your kid doesn't fit into the Mold...

First let me start off by saying I am the Queen of the dysfunctional family that I run. I own it. But not just that, my kids own their part.

I think because we have taught our children to be themselves and not fit into what society deems or cliques and such in school, they have been more expressive on who they are. I love them for that, but I know this has been an issue for them in the past. We have struggled with bullying and with depression and even an attempted suicide. Thank God we have overcome those moments.

Now I admit that I buried so many of the emotions that came with those moments deep down inside. You know, don't talk about it and it doesnt exist.  But after watching "13 Reasons Why", every single emotion from my own high school days to the parenting days of a child struggling to survive this insane world, has resurfaced.

This is not a show you need to sit down and just watch. This is a show you open your mind and realize is happening. It may be happening to someone you know, including your own child.  Remember what it was like in your own high school days.  Don't be naive, think about it. It was stupid crazy and the weaker were picked on. Guess what, it still happens, nothing has changed. But it has. Social Media changed it.  Everything from Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, its out there.
I always tell my boys that it takes 1 seconds to screenshot something. So don't post something that you dont want to be put out there to be criticized. There is always a critic.

People are cruel. Especially behind a computer. Hell, I get called names to this day because of my other blogs. People take me the wrong way all of the time. But I just hold the important things from the Social Media world and move on for the ride. Believe me, you don't know all about my life.

Coming home to a child so desperate to end his life because his classmates called him names continuously is something I don't want to ever go through again. You think your kid is okay, that their life is hunky dory right? But do you know your kid? I tell you this, people always say "don't be your kids friend". But I believe in some aspect that you have to be their friend. I want my kid to come and talk to me, to tell me that everything is not okay. So I can step in and be their advocate, their mom, their friend in their time of desperation.

So what is the moral of the story, really I honestly cannot tell you. I can tell you that kids today are going through a lot more than I ever did in the 90's. That is for sure.  Both of my sons lost classmates to murder, cancer and kids that just moved away to get away from the bullying. It is a different world. Allow your children to be the rockstars that they are. Unique, different, unlike the mold. But let them know you are there for them when their world falls apart.

Mama G...