Sunday, August 20, 2017

When you just want the game to be fair, but the ref might be racist.

If you think racism in sports isn't a thing, take a trip out to the country with a team of city kids of all races and see how different officiating can be.

I tell you this as I am a little angry still this morning about the treatment of our team at a high school game last night. What is the saddest part of the story and probably the one thing that angers me the most? Well, this happened just 10 minutes from my backyard.

So let me start out by saying that it is always good to watch your refs, especially line refs. When they seem to hold conversations with the home team and laugh and joke around instead of paying attention to the complete game they are getting paid for, that sets the tone it will not be in your favor. When you have to start recording them just so they will do their job is also a bad sign that this is going to be bad. I have had issues with this ref before during travel season calling things unfair or not calling penalties on kids of a certain color, that being white.

Now I know I can be bat shit crazy. I call things for what they are. People don't like it. People don't want to be called on their bullshit. I never once cussed at the refs or threatened them last night, I might have pointed out how biased and borderline racist their calls were against our team. Unfortunately a grown man was scared and asked the police to post next to me in case it got out of hand.   But you see,  I did not deserve to have cops posted next to me. Was I scared, hell no! Because I knew I was within my rights. I had done nothing but called the refs on their bullshit a few times. Okay maybe closer to 50 times throughout a 90 minute game.

Its sad to watch grown men call some petty calls against a team made up of hispanics, african americans, indigenous and caucasian kids. Like a throw in violation because one foot was not firmly planted to the ground. Yet I watched the home team (of 95% caucasian kids) do the same thing throughout the game and nothing was said or called. How can kids feel like the game is played fairly when a shove in the back is not called or they are dragged down to the ground and nothing is said. But if they barely bump a shoulder they get a yellow card.  I was so proud of my boys. They stayed strong and won that game. They did not let it defeat them at all. In fact they fought through it all.

If you are going to be an official, do your job. Do it fairly.  Watch the game in its entire length. Call the calls no matter the color of a persons skin. Be equal. Be fair. Plain and simple.

On a final note -

I am also disgusted at the fact that we had an injured kid from the JV team who was treated like he didn't matter.  This boy took a hit to the back of the head during his game and he played on. Soon after his game was over and the Varsity game was going on, he developed a migraine and started puking non-stop.

 I happened upon him on my way to the concession stand.  The concession stand ladies did give him ice water and a bag of ice. But he laid on the ground miserable and I asked for the trainer. When the home teams trainer came over it was as if she was bothered by it.

We told her he got hit in the head and he developed a migraine and was puking with dilated eyes within 30 minutes. Do you know what she did? She asked him if she ate or drank throughout the day. Never once touching him or seeing if he needed to be taken to the hospital. She stood there like she didn't want to help us.

Thankfully his parents met the bus when they returned to school and he was taken to the hospital, because our coaches kept an eye on him. Because they cared enough to see how bad he was getting.
Either this trainer needs lessons in her job or she simply did not want to be bothered by hispanic kid with an injury.

So now I am going to finish my morning coffee and pray that he is fine.

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